Passing on the flame

Thomas Frieden’s passion for precious stones and gemmology persuaded him to follow in his father’s footsteps and to join the company. After his graduation as G.G. at the Gemmological Institute of America (G.I.A.), he travelled to the Far East for the first time in 1970 to buy precious stones and cultured pearls. Since then, together with his partner, René Lauper, he has travelled to the producing countries of gemstones and cultured pearls every year to select and buy at the very source.

In 1989, Thomas’ cousin and partner Heinz Frieden retired from the company and René Lauper, employed in 1974, became a partner. As a studied goldsmith, gemmologist G.G., GIA and Expert SGG, he was a perfect addition to Frieden’s management. His technical know-how and his outstanding sense for design distinguished his work as production manager – countless Frieden collections have his signature. In 1996, the company was incorporated as a limited company under the name of Frieden Ltd. Creative Design.