Thomas Frieden Schmuck

Thomas Frieden

Homage to diamond

The inspiration for the THOMAS FRIEDEN collection was found in our company’s archives. Reviving old patterns and incorporating them into new designs and styles was the beginning of our desire to create a new branded collection in 2013. To provide the brand with an unmistakeable identity and to inspire emotion was a great challenge. Our pieces express great harmony through their perfect shapes and exclusive materials. The diamond, the king of all precious stones, is celebrated in a very special way: for the first time, all its different shapes are displayed in exquisite designs that uniquely combine tradition and modernity. The great variety of cuts and the natural pastel colours make every piece of jewellery a unique, truly one-of-a-kind piece with an engraved number and certificate of authenticity. The collection includes three different lines: Feuille Divine, Oeil Magique and Fleur Céleste.