Exklusive Kollektionen von Frieden


The the collection with natural coloured sapphires from Madagascar

As co-owner of the Pink Valley Mine in Madagascar, Frieden launched the RAINBOW COLLECTION a few years ago and has continuously been expanding it. The natural, pastel-coloured sapphires line up in flowing lines that are uniquely beautiful and are of a unique quality. They unfold their play of rainbow colours in bracelets and necklaces that are extremely supple and comfortable to wear.

In contrast to those from Thailand and Sri Lanka, sapphires from Madagascar are already a beautiful colour in their natural state, and they do not have to be heated to improve their colour. Most of the sapphires are in the colours of pink to pink-purple, others are blue, violet, yellow, green and, very rarely, orange to salmon-coloured stones.

Only the finest qualities and cuts are used and the colour transitions of the lines must be extremely fine. The sapphires are cut by hand, and the colour lines are put together in different sizes and shapes by experienced designers. Pieces of jewellery with natural-coloured sapphires from Madagascar are absolute rarities: the supply of suitable material is not guaranteed, and it may take several months to assemble a rainbow line.